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♦ True Confessions of a Superwoman Dropout:
Debunking the Myth of Having it All
♦ Join the Party!: 
Discovering a Fuller, Richer Life Through Christ (for teen girls)

Longing for His Courts:
Finding Intimacy and Joy with God (A Study of Psalm 84)
Holy Chicks:
The Treasure and Trust of Godly Girlfriends
Forgetful Girl Meets Faithful God:
Why God Wants Us to Remember and How it Can Change Our Lives
Loving God and Loving People:
The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything (No pressure)
Becoming More Than the Christian Culture To Reach a Seeking World
A Woman’s Place:
God’s Design for Women
Healthy Hearts & Bodies:
Maintaining Your “Temple” to the Glory of God
Savvy Chickie, Good Steward:
How to Shop for Top-notch Quality on a Bargain Basement Budget

Christmas Topics

Living Expectantly:
Experiencing Christmas Every Day
Simple. Christmas.
Simple Steps to Renounce the Craziness and Regain the Joy

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