I just overheard a conversation between my son and his friend from school, and I had to share. A little bit of background – they’re studying vocabulary because they have a quiz in English class tomorrow. Here’s the conversation:

Friend: “Penance.”
Colby: I don’t know.
Friend: You don’t know what penance means?
Colby: No. What does it mean?
Friend: You go to church and you don’t know what penance means???
Colby: Nope.

I love that! I love it on so many levels. I love it because Jesus paid the price, so there’s no penance that we need to pay. We just accept His free gift. And I love it because all that Colby knows is that he is saved and loved by Jesus. There’s no fear, no sense of guilt or needing to pay penance. And lastly, I love it because Colby’s friend doesn’t know Jesus yet, and Colby is expressing a true picture of the Christ-centered life – not full of shame and guilt and penance, but full of freedom and love.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!”
John 8:36

Free, indeed!



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