YOU ARE WOMAN! ROAR, BABY, ROAR! Whether you are a take-charge woman or a dainty flower, a tough cookie or a sweet sponge cake, a Martha or a Mary, YOU are called to be a powerful influence. When God declared Eve to be Adam’s “helper,” He was bestowing a precious gift and a responsibility to every woman alive. What does that word really mean? What is our calling as women? What does the Bible actually say about our “place?” How do we respond when some in the Christian culture try to define our roles in ways that were never intended by God?

God foresaw all of these things and He has a beautiful plan for you to fulfill your calling, no matter what your current life circumstances may be. It’s time to dig into Scripture and see what God has to say about our identity and the roles He calls us to! Come and discover the rich treasure hidden in the title of “helper” and how you can use this special calling to be a powerful blessing to those around you.